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    We have decided to separate the Men's Shaving and Grooming portion of the business from the rest and are now know here at Badger and Blade as " Stone Cottage Shaving"! Our new website will be open in the next 24 hours and the link will be posted here at that time. We will be adding more things to the site as time progresses and the Stone Cottage Soapworks website will continue to operate. We felt that it was important for shaving community to be able to easily find the kinds of "gentlemanly" products they seek without having to sort through the rest. As you might now if you have been following my posts, we will be including more bath, body, grooming, and shaving products over the next few months so you will be able to find those kinds of things here at " Stone Cottage Shaving"! I'll keep you posted!
  1. Good Evening!

    I am happy to report that our new website called stonecottageshaving.com is open for business and the link is listed below!
  2. Glad to hear it David and am patiently (sort of patiently) waiting for you to start selling your new shave soap.

    FYI: The links in your signature need to be updated. It appears you updated the display part but not the url part so www.stonecottageshaving.com still goes to www.stonecottagesoapworks.com.
  3. Very nice! Will the shaving products remain available for order at the Soap Works website? When I buy shaving products, I also tend to purchase a bar of soap or two if the vendor has one. I enjoy rotating different soaps in my bathroom.
  4. It should work for you now. Thanks for pointing that out to me.

    Part of writing about the process of creating a product is to let you know how much is actually involved in creating a new product. Right now, I can start production but I am waiting for the labels to be made and sent to me. I also have to create and print the side labels with the name of the scent of the product, the ingredients listing (by proper INCI names) and our contact information. So far a found a some time to put together one of the labels but I still have at least 7 more labels which will take more time. When the batches are complete they will have to sit for a period to time, which I will be calculating tomorrow, then they can be put into the containers at that point. I will also have to photograph each of the shaving soaps, photo-edit the pictures, then upload each and every one of the pictures and text for each product to the website and set up another category as well! So, as you can see, there is a lot involved in producing a new product and getting it ready for sale so I appreciate your patience and will do my best to get it out there as soon as possible!
  5. Everything will remain on the stonecottagesoapworks.com website for the time being so that if you wish to purchase soap, liquid soap, bath salts and other things as well as the shaving cream and the upcoming shaving soap, you can still find them there for the time being so no worries!
  6. I'm sure it will be worth the wait. :001_smile
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    The new website looks great, David! Great prices on those outstanding creams of yours, too.

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