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WD-40 for stopping blades rust


I have just bought becoming extinct 200 blades of Gillette super platinum blue pack (czech made) from a whole seller here in Pakistan. The seller said that these were left unnoticed under some other items.
The problem is that after first shave I dry the blade and keep in my bedroom drawer, but the very next day the blade is full of rust not on edges though. It has happened to two blades.

Previously, I have been using gillette super platinum blue pack (russian), but I had never faced such problem, even I left the blade uncleaned and undried for weeks.

I think all the blades got wet somehow at the vendor shop or these were in an environment where there was more moisture. some packs were also opened as they were placed under some other load. On opening a new pack the blade color also seems to be a little dull/yellowish and as the printing color has spread over it.
They are shaving perfect otherwise, but get rusted the very first day of use. I have just used two blades and shaved with each twice and disposed them. I think I can get 3 shaves from each and thats what I am planning to do.
I have closed all the opened packs with glue, dried all them with hair dryer and now they are in a leather box with other blades.
I am suspecting that the will get rust somehow soon, as these seem to be from quite old stock or got water from somewhere.
The glue that is on the blades has also dried.
I will again heat the packs with hair dryer and will put them in an air tight bag, but need suggestion regarding;

1) If I put all the 40 packets in an air tight glass jar that is filled with WD-40, would it stop further deteriorating of them (keeping aside whether wd-40 is good for skin or not) and I think rinsing blade and cleaning by tissue paper will clean them.

2) Un-packing all the 200 blades and putting them in an air tight jar along-with wd-40.
Though I dont want to do it as I love to see all those blades in their original packets and blister packing. For the past two months I have been collecting blades and now they seem like gold to me, but what is good aesthetically if they were not be able to shave by getting rust.
3) should I only spray wd-40 on each pack, put it in an airtight jar or bag and wait for what happen.
Please fellows, I need suggestions regarding my above points. putting them in wd-40 seems to be the best solution at this moment to save them from further deteriorating.

Anyone else noticed such immediate rusting of Gillette super platinum blue pack (czech) or its just a time factor and bad storage with them.
i feel you make it somewhat complicated - and i for one would never use wd-40 on my blades. simply put the packs with blades in an airtight container together with a decent amount of silica gel.

i lived in rawalpindi as a boy and i remember the relative humidity was very high.
I agree on the silica gel. Also, unless the rust is on the cutting edge itself, there's no reason to even bother with removing it.
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