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WCS releases Super Razor - Discounted.👍

A few makers still machine their razors in USA and Canada.

It doesn't matter if it's clear and advertised as "Made in China" or elsewhere.

To me, this whole promotion and listing of the razor is misleading and misrepresented.
Your point is valid, truthful advertising is best advertising.

Think there are better options in this price point.

Or trad more.💵
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I can't believe that it is already on eBay at the $181 list price.
They are past delusional with that price point, I would say disrespectful. Rex Envoy is a stainless steel razor made in the USA and is $149. Their lack of transparency makes me not want to do business with them in the future. They want to avoid paying for American labor, But THEN want to price gouge the American consumer. Am I missing something here?
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