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WCS has been ranked as a Top Online Retailer on Newsweek.

Cool. congrats.

I have never dealt with you (I’m in Canada) but will be ordering a couple of Simpson’s brushes soon thru you on Amazon or directly from your site depending on shipping/duty.
That is great news and well deserved! I just want to mention that I bought a couple of razors and creams on Wednesday from WCS and found everything discounted a few hours later. When I asked WCS if they could give me the discounts on my purchases they cheerfully accommodated my request. This is a company that values customer satisfaction. Why shop somewhere else?
Congratulations! As I live about 35 miles from your online fulfillment warehouse maybe you could get FedEx to stop taking my packages on a 500+ mile tour of the SE United States before they get delivered! :wink2:


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Floid has released their 1932 recipe in a new aftershave which is currently only available in Europe due to alcohol shipping restrictions.
Any chances you guys will stay on the cutting edge and be the first to offer it for sale here in the US?
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