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WCS Double Duck / Heritage Collection brush

So here's a question for anyone and everyone here, lets say someone wanted to buy a WCS Heritage edition shave brush, you know the double duck rubber set remakes, I can't find one anywhere. Any tips or tricks on where I could locate one?
I highly doubt I'm going to be spending any large amount of money on anything shaving related for the new year, I still have plenty of blades, a decent amount of soaps left, I have 4 right now, and I'm sitting ok on aftershaves.

I also have been slowing down on the daily shaves, I've been shaving now once a week or so since it's duck hunting season.
I got mine during last November from WCS. Best bet is to contact WCS or Neil over at HCS and ask for the release date. You can also follow HCS's instagram page because he announces random sales throughout the year. I've seen the Duck come up couple times last year


I Waxed The Badger.
Am I wrong, but most of the originals those do homage to are much much smaller in stature and knot size. 26mm+ is the new 21mm so it seems.
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