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WCS Classic Collection Razor 84S?

Hello. I recently bought the WCS Classic Collection Razor 84S to replace my Bali butterfly razor (Viking Revolution Chieftain clone). The razor is a bit more solid and heftier with, what appears to me, to be a larger gap and more blade exposure than the Bali. The blade angle also seems to be different (the razor head seems to be more curved , while the Bali is more flat - hope that makes sense). After I started using it, I started receiving some razor burn on the back of my head and neck. My face really isn't affected, but can be irritated if I rush.

Reading online reviews of the razor, some say it's an aggressive razor, while others claim it's mild. I reached out to WCS and they stated it was "indeed mild" and mostly just the weight difference. They said I don't think they're wrong per se, just their definition of mild might be different than mine.

I have tried to adjust my angle and pressure since I've owned the razor to accommodate for the weight, so that it feels like I'm not actually touching my head (sometimes I really believe the blade isn't). This leads to lots of areas needing more than one WTG pass. I like a BBS shave, so the XTG and ATG passes are even worse. They feel like the blade is tugging and skipping(?); I use one side per shave, so in essence, a new edge per shave. In addition, I placed the same blade into my Bali in the middle of the shave and I didn't feel that same tugging feeling.

I know there are multiple factors that can contribute to razor burn, and technique is a huge one. However, it doesn't seem to matter what I try; I can't get as smooth a shave. I use a pre-shave (PAA Ice Tube 2.0) and highly rated soaps. My Treet blades are probably the weakest point of my kit as far as I know. I don't rush; it can take me 40 - 45 minutes to shave my head alone.

Does anyone else have this issue with this razor or believe it's more than just mild? Also, are there any tips or hacks I can use to make my shave better with it?

Thanks in advance for any and all help.
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