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Way too much soap

I keep a spreadsheet for such silly things, and with my current stock and assuming I buy no more or axe something currently usable: 10 years and some change. We all can dream I suppose.
Wait, Axe is making shave soap now? Will wonders never cease? 🤣
Realizing that I had more soaps on my shelf than whiskers on my chin, I started turning the pucks I rarely use into shower soaps. I scraped them out of their tubs and packed them into a silicon soap mold I got on the web. Popped that into the freezer for a couple hours, unmolded the soaps, and then let them sit on the counter for a few weeks to dry out. Each soap lasts about a month in the shower. They make a great lather, and generally smell better than regular shower soaps. They're also quite soft, so they don't last long: I get the satisfaction of seeing them disappear in about a month. This doesn't work for all soaps. Those that are really hard or very soft don't mold well.
Been 3017ing soaps, and have been culling the herd of both soaps and brushes. I just got rid of 5 brushes, and 8 sticks of palmolive (I know it may not be made anymore, but I am not a collector and its not going to appreciate in value) 4 sticks of La Toja and a tub of Krampert's finest, as well as a few samples I had laying around.
It's not that they aren't good soaps, it's just that I don't need them. I still have 4 tubes of cream, the over 6 ounces of Cella I am currently 3017'ing, a couple of tubs of CRSW, a tub of B&M Terror, a tub of PAA, a huge tub of Blue Fougere, a 100 ml "sample" of Vitos Super, and a couple of Long Rifle soaps. As you can see, I am not hurting for soap.
Ideally, I want to get down to one soap, one brush. I don't know if that will ever happen, but it's good to have goals.
If I could get down to one brush, it would probably be my humble Omega Pro 49.
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