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Way too much soap

The Chisel Face is a better qualty soap IMO!The Victor is a very simple but efficient formula......big in Canada!

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Ive got over a 100 soaps now most hardly used and over 3000 blades I try to stop buying new ones honestly but thats hard to do as I'm suffering badly from SAD and RAD....we veteran shavers understand those disorders!

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Right now I’ve got 28. Like others, far more than I need. I’m using my shaving cabinet to limit future purchases. If it won’t fit I either can’t buy it or I need to PIF or sell one.

This all applies to splashes, balms, razors, and blades too. Separate drawer for blades is full. Little bit of room left on the dedicated shelf for a cased vintage razor or two .... but nothing tempting now.

I’m a sucker for T + S Limited Edition soap/splash releases though.

So sort of an equilibrium situation now I guess. And yeah, they’ll all talk about me after I’m gone. Probably out of envy. :lol:
My solution, introduce my son's to DE shaving. They only shave 2 or 3 times a week, but it all helps and the added advantage is they can fight over inheriting their favourite soap, razors, brushes and blades when I die and leave the mountain behind. Time to order more soap!
I keep a spreadsheet for such silly things, and with my current stock and assuming I buy no more or axe something currently usable: 10 years and some change. We all can dream I suppose.
I'll probably hit 30 soaps by the end of the year, as I currently am in the low 20's somewhere. I want to get some seasonal fall/winter scents, and then stop buying for a while. Is it probably too much? Yeah. Does it take up that much space? Not really. At least not compared to all my shoes, colognes, and all the other stuff I've accumulated over the years.

I try not to sweat it too much. I go through periods of acquisition, then let all my "stuff" stress me out. Hopefully this is a hobby I can at least just simply enjoy without these conflicting emotions!
Damn. Brother from another mother?

I am the exact same.

I am on a buying freeze for Sept but waiting for Gravefruit to be rereleased soon. That and MAYBE a few other fall/winter soaps (excluding hallows as I preordered it) and I’m done. I swear!

No more shoes or boots either! (I have a Red Wing addiction as well)
I have a feeling I will be Portioning my my soaps to use in the shower...I just don't see myself selling used soap😂
Soaps that I don’t completely love initially get the scoop treatment only. I might sell a few down the road but it’s weird IMO.

I would feel weird selling (or buying) soaps lathered in the original container. And I am in no way a germaphobe.

To each their own though. 👍


I try not to sweat it too much. I go through periods of acquisition, then let all my "stuff" stress me out. Hopefully this is a hobby I can at least just simply enjoy without these conflicting emotions!
Same here but without the stress. I go through periods of acquisition, then with a lot of new stuff to try, my interest wanes, at least in that area. Basically, I have rotating ADs.
I have been paring down my stash a lot. This year I have been 3017ing my soaps, from most likely to go bad to least likely. I have PIF'd several and have another PIF ongoing right now.
My goal is to never have more than five soaps at a time, so I can have some variety but not ever feel overwhelmed. Once I get it down to five, I will buy another soap only when I finish one of the others.

I suspect I will be in that mode by early next year. I'm excited to finally be able to make a purchase!
Quoting myself in order to give an update.

I PIF'd another soap, and yesterday I ended up throwing two others away, one because I didn't like it enough to keep it and the other because it was really old and it smelled like it was going "off."

After that, and all the 3017ing that I have been doing, I am actually down to TWO soaps now! And one of those is pretty close to its end. I have Mystic Waters Rosalimone (about 75% gone) and a puck of the Orange version of RazoRock WTP soaps (this one is relatively new, and because it's a hard soap, I think it will last for months and months). So I don't really need a new soap now, but I have reached the place where I said I would allow myself to buy one. So now the decision making begins.......
I currently have 5 soaps in active rotation... I use each in sequence when I shave. Currently there is one back up puck waiting. 2 of the current tubs are hybrids of various leftovers/remnants and all show evidence of significant use. That all being said... I suspect my current stock will last 4-5 years.. I'm 66 and hope to need more before I die!
I currently have the following:

1 puck of Stirling SDM soap (almost gone)
1 large tub of Humidor croap (about 3/4)
1 tube of Nivea Blue cream (half used)

So, that would probably last me a year, with my shaving habits

I never have more than 5 items in my rotation and I used them until I 3017 them... then add smth. else.

The only exception ever was Tabac cream which I used once (upon opening it) and threw it away. Worst smell ever.
I have far beyond a lifetime of soaps and got really carried away in the 5 or 6 years ive been at this hobby. The variety is nice and if its something you enjoy then its all good, but have slowed way down the last year or so, even selling off some gear but am not ready to give it all up yet. This is a fun hobby and it turns a chore into some peaceful ZEN time which is always appreciated.:001_tt1:
I have 6 in rotation but I have gone on a wood bowl tangent as of late and only 3 will fit comfortably in my medicine cabinet. I plan to replace the 3 outliers as I use up the soap currently occupying the wood bowls. From there I will only keep 3 on hand.
I have 20 and have decided to run those down to 5, 1 at a time. Then have 3-4 core and a fun 1. I still buy a straight when I see something I like at a good price. They never go off. I usually only buy fixer uppers because I like bringing them back to life and it keeps the cost down to about the price of a soap.
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