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I’ve got a Seiko 5 Automatic that I like but tend not to wear because it’s a bit heavy and slips around on my wrist. Shopping for a Citizen now.
Get a better band. :)

NATO and Zulu pass-through style bands don't allow much slippage at all, and you can get leather versions (at least of the Zulu). I really hate when a watch rotates off the flat of my wrist...
And better yet than NATO and Zulu would be an Erika's Original:

It's the most comfortable watch strap I've ever worn, and once adjusted (one time only) virtually NO SLIPPAGE.

Getting the "Tighter—Looser" fixture (figure 3 HERE) the correct distance from the bottom spring bar (to suit your wrist) can be a PITA... but once you have it it's brilliant. It's not cheap (like so many of its inferior copies) but well worth it IMO.

I found these gems via posts from @Jnatcat, thank you yet again William! :cornut:
Citizen for me today. I've had it by the window for a while to give the battery a (hopefully) full charge, as it seemed to be doing the jumping second thing too frequently. Likely the last day on the perlon, as Winter is Coming...
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Not all prophecies are self-fulfilling. The perlon lasted a bit longer and this watch is getting more wrist time today. I was, however, too lazy to take and upload a new pic.
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