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Watch Ya Wearing

Well I wore my MAS micro diver last week and I got a package in the mail a few days ago and this was one I had picked up about 7 months ago when I got in on a KS project by Vario, it’s his take on a 1918 Trench watch

Heres the specs and a few pics, the only difference is mine is 40mm

87CF959D-DAA8-4EB7-B8C7-74BF6DB6B029.jpeg A184AE28-A880-423E-81AE-050A4CA07990.jpeg 47D05403-95A9-4F63-9BD4-F44EFDF17C97.jpeg EC7052B7-1404-48B6-BDD0-8079820E60CE.jpeg 6BCD2B83-E144-4319-B443-646E844FF47F.jpeg
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