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Watch Ya Wearing

The angle may not be showing the color as well as I intended. This is a black 22mm perlon strap on my 21mm Citizen. I believe this is a better choice size wise. I was pleasantly surprised how easily it slipped between the lugs, and doesn't bunch up either. I did measure the band and it does measure 22. So, it looks like I have plenty of options with this one.


George Bailey Fanboy
Vacation next week! Working today through Saturday and then off for the first vacation in over 2 years. (Thankful that I did work my rear end off during COVID19) View attachment 1278606
Good for you brother. You deserve it. It has been an incredibly hard couple of years for all of us. Have fun!

Not sure which I like better, the watch or the shirt!

Multum in parvo

Green has been a favorite of mine since I was a child. I owned a Rolex Hulk and its was a beautiful watch but not very comfortable to ware. I ended up selling and buying a new Pepsi GMT. I missed the green so much and bought Seiko Prospex Green LX and never looked back.
Rolex is slimming down their watches. The Explorer is back to 36mm and the EXII is at least a bit thinner on the case than the previous model.
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