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Watch Ya Wearing


George Bailey Fanboy
Another new band (and style).
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I'm kinda stealing your idea my friend, for this watch that I have had in a drawer for...10 years?
The battery died, and I was working too many hours, and unlike a digital atomic Casio, these ones with hands are not real easy to set: you have to sell at least half your soul to the devil and promise to never bring what's left of your soul within 500 feet of a church!

True story doggone!

Anyway, I'm looking for a gray and blue strap type watch band.

With my luck the watch will feel insulted because I dressed it up like a Deeetroit Lion and will quit running.
Sorry I haven't posted on this thread recently, as I've almost exclusively been wearing my Archimede. Although today I am wearing my Vaer quartz - a great "running errands" watch. I do have a new watch incoming, as well as a new bracelet for one of my current watches. I'll post pictures once each arrives. Happy Sunday, everyone!
I like that mug too. Brings back both good AND bad memories! How do you like Invicta watches? Never owned one yet.
I like them okay. Well, I like the conservatively done ones. I own two now and I just use them as beaters. Probably won't buy another, as the stuff from most Chinese brands, like Steeldive or Heimdallr, is just head and shoulders above Invicta.
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