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Watch Ya Wearing

Nice strap! I was eyeing that one as a potential next purchase yesterday.
It's a thicker nylon, almost like a seatbelt NATO style. Stiff to get on at first, but very comfortable. I suspect it will break in nicely. May grab a couple more for summer.

If you are eyeing the Vaer, you can't go wrong. I would have picked up the automatic of this version but I'm saving my pennies for a much larger purchase.

It's Hedley

Wow! Six hundred meters. Great watch for those weekend trips in the Bathyscaphe @It's Hedley
Who needs a bathyscaphe, I just hold my breath for the deep dives.

I do find it amusing the depth ratings on watches. You don't dare scuba dive with a watch rated for 100m or it will surely leak. A watch rated for a 300m plus is needed for diving, but you would never actually dive that deep, unless of course you have a bathyscaphe.


It's Hedley

Last day for the South Bend Model #1, this watch is over 100 years old and has never been professionally serviced as far as I know and all I did when getting it several months ago was oil the pivots and do a regulation on my Weishi 1000 and its only lost a total of 2 secs for the entire week 👍🏻
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Great timepiece and I would love to own one similar someday. There is something about a pocket watch, classic.


George Bailey Fanboy
Orient Kamasu on a Strapcode bracelet.
View attachment 1222377

I've had the bracelet a while but delayed putting in on after my experience with the Seiko SKX. I haven't the eyes or the steady hands I felt it required. But this morning I went ahead and attempted it. On, but a difficult and patience wearing task. It's never coming off.
Wow! You have good taste! Looks REALLY good.
Longines VHP first use

Enviado desde mi SM-G973F mediante Tapatalk
How did you manage to capture the double "2" at 12 o'clock? I don't think it is an internal reflection and the rest of the photo looks focused, even the minute hand is clear. On second look it seems that second '2' is in the right spot but somehow "12" got shifted leftward.

Otherwise a very nice watch, highly accurate watches are easy to wear. :thumbup1:
Strapcode has quality stuff. That's part of the reason it was so difficult to put. The tolerances are so tight.
Ditto Strapcode. They are to be commended for the fit and finish of their exact-match Seiko bracelets.

Bracelets are difficult to remove and install with an ordinary springbar tool. I bought a relatively cheap ($33) knockoff of Bergeon's $230 tweezer type springbar tool that permits me to compress the springbar at both ends simultaneously. No more flying springbars, scratched lugs and bad language.
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