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Watch Ya Wearing

Sadly, my Kommanderskie was accidentally cleared out when my Father had a purge I bought it in February 1992, 50 days after fall of USSR, for $5 on a train out of Moscow Central - I recently replaced it with an Amphibia 120059, which I have modded
Waiting on an Amphibia right now. It is being held in US customs.

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Wanted to share today's watch of the day with a picture taken in full sunlight, something that has been pretty scare here in Danbury, CT lately.


This is another Bulova in my collection. I really like this Accutron because of the "heart" window in the face that allows you to see some of the inner workings of the watch.

Interesting looking dial. Is the 99 or double 9 done for fashion, or is there a deeper meaning?
I'm glad you asked. Because until 4 minutes ago I didn't know either. This is from Invicta's Jason Taylor Collection. Wikipedia informs me he was a pretty good linebaker for the Dolphins. His jersey number was 99. He retired after the 2011 season.

I, of course, bought the watch on impulse, after a few beers, being cooped up at home hiding from The Red Death. I wanted a black PVD coated watch and these gold accents brought a little "pop" to it. By Invicta standards, I consider it downright conservative. I am considering putting one of these on it.

That watch doesn't look bad at all. It probably accompanied you on a great many adventures.


Thanks. It has seen it's share. I purchased it new from a Seiko outlet in 2006. It has traveled all over the place with me. I dropped it onto a marble floor in 2016, denting the case and destroying the movement. It sat for a few years until I decided to make it a project. I sourced a refurbished Seiko 7s26 movement on eBay from the Philippines for $35, took a deep breath, and learned how to replace a watch movement. I broke off some of the lume on the minute hand on reassembly, but it it gave it a bit of a different look. I do appreciate that all the scratches, dents, and scars are simply souvenirs of a life well lived.