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Discussion in 'The Haberdashery' started by frank85, Feb 13, 2009.


    Today is my 1966 Omega Constellation
  1. Cal

    Cal Contributor

    Does the crown only pull out one click for adjustment? :001_unsur
  2. Thanks yes, and I have pulled it as hard as I'm prepared to! If this watch grows on me I might take it in for a service and get it sorted; or at least get a quote.
  4. Now that is a nicely designed watch. Less is more.
  5. Damasko DA37 today

  6. martym

    martym Contributor

    That’s a purdy Watch!
    Very nice!!
  7. Vintage Girard Perregaux today....

  8. Tommy Tutone

    Tommy Tutone Contributor


    Not a diver (yet) but have always liked orange .. Keeps better time than some of my battery powered specimens
  9. martym

    martym Contributor

    Very nice watch

    I am sporting my Apple Watch
    It took me a great while to wear it daily after my wife bought it for me but I have come to really like it. I even wear it to the ranch.
    I now have it (face) set up to fit my needs.
  10. Started my day with a vintage 1979 Seiko diver
  11. Dagaz-modded Seiko 5

  12. When a Panerai will never be in your budget you make do. Am loving it.


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