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Watch ID

Can anyone help ID this watch?
Some more pictures. I know some history, but I'd like to know more about the watch and the maker...
GLB Resist Watch.jpg
GLB Resist Watch2.jpg
'Depose Argentan watch' turned up this image using Google image search...

Barneby's site, page not found - Regulator pocket watch - 1901 - 1949

depose argentan watch - Google Search:



Further searching, 'despose argentan' translates as deposited nickel silver, not much help.
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Argentan, FR was where my grandfather received the watch as a Forward Observer. I'd like to identify the watch maker. This one is no. 291. It was a "thank you" and a "pass" allowing for movement behind the lines.


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I can't help you with any identification but it is a really nice looking watch. I love pocket watches.
If you can get the back off, oftentimes the information is on the movement. Name of manufacturer serial number etc.

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