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Watch for Teen Girl

I haven't seen much on this topic so I was hoping that someone might have some ideas.

We want to get a watch as a gift for a 15 year old girl. She doesn't want an "action" watch like a G Shock or diver. She has shown me illustrations of department store label watches that "look" snazzy but are really just facades which are at a premium due to label.

Any suggestions on a good first watch for a young female? Quartz is fine - even preferable. Something that is more fashionable but of reputable make (Casio, etc.). I'd like to keep it under $100 but open. This forum seems to have a sense for what is both incredibly functional and fashionable so I wanted to give it a whirl.

Thanks in advance.

It would help us if you could show some pictures of the illustrations she has shown you... Then we know a bit more about her taste.
Some advice:
1. Look for watches with stainless steel case. Plated brass or even worse, pot metal, will look ugly really quickly. The plating will wear a lot quicker on a watch than on a razor.
2. Avoid mineral crystal. A mineral crystal will get scratched at some point, sometimes even the very first week as one is not used to be careful with the arm having the watch. If you have real luck and find on rebate, consider sapphire. The other cheaper option is acrylic crystal. Acrylic crystals will get scratches too, but you can very easily buff the scratches away with just a napkin and some toothpaste and there will be no visible trace of any scratches.
I plan on buying one of these:


I've owned 3 Momentums: a Deep 6 that I picked up used for $80, and absolutely adored: 300m, sapphire, quartz, stellar build quality, just astonishing for the price. The ocean stole it from me in a tragic boogie boarding accident, so I quickly found a used M50 Mark II: on paper a better watch than the Deep 6, and extremely well-made, but it never clicked with me like the Deep 6, and I sold it to buy a used Cobalt Titanium Full Lume, which I currently have, and absolutely love (paid $60, it's worth triple).

If you can't tell, I love Momentum. They make extremely good watches for a very low price. You can't have it all, and they're generally lacking in lume, but make up for it with overall build, awesome warranty, and cool styles. My daughter is 13, and I'll buy her a Twist soon:


Or the M1 Mini:



You can buy em here:


The Twist is on sale, but I'd buy a Mini, and upgrade to sapphire (I'll never buy a watch without sapphire again).
My Cobalt Ti has a similar, fully lumed dial. It's so awesome. If you go from daylight into a building it looks like a nuke reactor on your arm! It doesn't keep that level of lume indefinitely, but I can easily read the time nearing the end of a movie, while driving at night, or at 5am (without purposely charging or anything like that).
I have a 15 yr old daughter and did just buy her a watch last Christmas. She was all over the fashion watches (as is appropriate for her age) like Michael Korrs, Fossil and such - but I know her and the fickleness of the age, so I wasnt prepared to drop $200+ on a watch that may enjoy some wrist time, but then be shelved because it was out-of-fashion

After some advice from a workplace fashionista - the Toy Watch (model: "Fluo Chrono White ") was given and I was a present giving demi-god. Not only does she love it, her friends have taken to it and have started sporting Toy Watches. My daughter is now saving for a Monochrome Violet


The link above is to the official site; but that is so you can browse through the styles, dont sweat the MSRP because you can easily get one within your budget off Amazon or other websites.
My daughter absolutely loves her Casio. Like I mean LOVES it!!! (as a gift, she wanted a second identical one in case something happened to hers)

(it is NOT really a men's watch, it's a smallish watch for kids or women)

In my old age, I've learned one thing (and due to the fact that I actually collect Casio watches now): METAL

Cheap rubber and such bracelet will break over and over, the watch's casing will also break if plastic... So after a few watches. and learning that getting replacement parts is hell, I switched to only metal watches and have never regretted it.
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I don't see a lot of teens much anymore, but a lot of young professional women have been wearing dive-inspired watches. I see a lot of rose gold, white, and crystals on them.

Timex makes a watch called "Miami" which is exactly like that and under $100:


Fossil is another good brand if you stretch the budget just a bit. They have a ton of options that are feminine but timeless. I've got a couple and they are real solid. Here's a Cecile that runs $145:

I bought my now 17 year old the exact Fossil above last year for her birthday. She really wanted a dressy-looking rose gold color watch with stones around it so the Fossil above hit the mark. A year later she still wears and loves it. I recall we looked at a very similar watch from Citizen as well.

If your daughter wants something less dressy and more "fun-looking" take a look at Swatch watches. They even sell mechanicals that look fun.
IPhone 6? Here honey, it's called an android.it does everything an iPhone does, but the best part is I won't be as upset when you crack the screen, and you can afford to buy a new one if you lose it.

For a 15yo, I would not invest in a watch "for life". So a Fossil would be a good option. They look like good quality for a Chinese made timepiece. I agree that sapphire glass and a stainless steel case are a must.

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