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Washita Thread. Show off, discuss, etc.

Submersion sg calculation= 2.28 for the stone in post 106. The math method wasn't terrible, though it needs it to be a straight shape.
This one has been bathing for a couple of weeks. Was black as obsidian when I found it, but knew something interesting was underneath. What came out if the dip is a handsome looking stone. It is one of those older 8 inch salmon pink blushed hulk-o-rock that runs 1 1/8 thick. The blue on the surface is from a box I laid it on and bleed from. Translucency from my light illuminates the edges with a nice glow

ED10445A-5E7C-47E6-A722-E1067A8CB6B7.jpeg ECAE59E0-C63F-4956-9AA1-758B004C52DD.jpeg E13168D2-5248-4783-B7FC-A3D548A23309.jpeg DD016B6A-AD39-413F-93C8-68D6D6A90F60.jpeg 5AD9AEEC-55C6-44CF-827B-9B6F82627291.jpeg 4760A00F-A427-4EC3-B1E8-C7F0EE4FAC45.jpeg 9CC23BD1-AECB-40CC-A1A8-27AB55622E8B.jpeg 6401993C-9F02-4B30-A0E6-95AC4E7243FE.jpeg
Two Washita that need some cleaning and work. A 6” No 1 Pike and a 7” India/Washita combo. The six is in a very low mileage condition, no dings or chips with little signs of wear. The seven must have been loved, nicely dished. Both are in the dip and see what come out in a few days

View attachment 1160011
This one cleaned up a bit, a India/Washita with a big dip. Will go in the maybe I will lap one day pile

26C85330-370A-426D-8E54-EFF960E359A4.jpeg 16318FFC-EEAE-4B8E-B992-E86C6EA11967.jpeg 1FE6D735-4787-4378-9AFB-2385E654A587.jpeg


You sure that's washita on that combo? I have the same stone and I've always assumed it was coarse/fine india.
I have been known to screw the pouch and be wrong on occasion. I compared to a Labeled in a NOS condition and put them in the ballpark (GO RAYS) visually and under a work blade feedback was also similar. Although the dipped stone was more aggressive and faster. It is missing a few washita characteristics but I wrote that off being with still dirty and unfinished

45375DFF-4648-4DB5-A131-980B13787D8E.jpeg 70DC1BC4-3390-4D67-9ADF-CB99A6A680A1.jpeg


Picked up a nice Labeled Lily White Soft Fast Cutting Grit for waaaaaaaaaay under my max bid. Very pleasant surprise. A few very minor corner nicks and some swarf buildup, but otherwise looks almost unused.

The end label at the bottom says "Warranted not to glaze".

These are the top tier of LWW imho. I love the softies.


Nice lily. Evan nicer when you have lunch money left in your pocket after the deal is done. I have the same stone, same end label. Dealer who sold it to me, being it is on the sift side, had it marked as a soap stone and priced as such

A 6” stone rescued from a local thrift store. A Norton label inside the top cover.

A45B1961-AE15-45E0-97DE-9070ACA12A34.jpeg 7AD78B9E-8C5B-431A-8713-1C7F381C0E05.jpeg 50423EDF-6104-4633-A90A-77820FE5BD14.jpeg 89DEE9FC-7652-4FB8-BA9F-55F9C30C20CE.jpeg A0EA58F4-FAAF-4927-A713-1A9716984D50.jpeg


So a bunch of nice washita's ended last week. At least 3 unboxed/unlabeled #1's, LWW, and WWD's I was #2 bidder on because I couldn't buy them all. Hoping some of them wound up here.

This has box remnants on the base, means its at least a #1, but possibly a LWW or WWD

Side label... #1 or LWW.

Wood base, most likely a WWD, maybe #1 or LWW.

I did snag a boxed WWD with label remaining, 2 labeled LWW for good prices and an unlabeled stone I'm almost positive is a very old LWW. So far 2 have arrived for my group shot...

Left to right:

The new stone in a handmade box with a bunch of square nails (makes it unlikely to be later than late 19th/very early 20th century... probably a LWW.
An unlabeled/marked stone probably #1
Labeled LWW
Labeled LWW
Mystery label (only enough label remaining to know I have not seen the label anywhere else... got a circle dead center of the label) boxed stone that I suspect is a rebadged RR or Soft LWW.
Box missing WWD that I suspect is a RR
Labeled LWW
10" Boxed WWD... it's a Soft LWW or RR
Labeled "OVB" (our very best)... with the Guaranteed free of grit, etc line from vintage LWW and RR. Haven't soaked it so no clue what it looks like under there, but I'd assume LWW/RR same as WWD stones due to the guarantee.
Boxed/Labeled RR
No label Soft LWW or RR
Labeled LWW (Soft/Fast, unsoaked due to labels, and one of the ones I just scored)
Unknown stone with a big fracture (Broken and glued back together) that's my go to washita. Extremely soft with a lot of orange in it, but no clue on grade.

Bottom row:
Brown 10" not translucent... no clue what grade it is. It's perfectly clean with no flaws, grit, sandpits, quartz or imperfections... it's like a lily white in purity, but it's a totally brown stone. I've soaked it many, many times. It stays brown.
Suspected #1, 10" somewhat translucent.

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From last weekend, a completely black stone cleaned up to a white Washita, maybe a LWW. Not the biggest at 5.5 x 1.375 inches but has one of the finest surfaces of any Washita I found. Came in a wooden case with a deep, dark patina

9CB1F5F8-3BB5-434A-832F-87493188C274.jpeg 506B34BC-F9FE-4217-A725-B48BBC4D1321.jpeg 61236843-F212-4565-97B9-9F715498D3E3.jpeg 6BBDB525-B913-457B-BB12-F73CB2D632A0.jpeg 3831F1A7-A179-426C-B4DA-68496C24E3E4.jpeg
This put a big smile on my face. One of my market sellers told me, as they handed it to me, I was going to like. They did not disappoint, I likey-likey. A 8 inch Pike with a generic General Store label. The stone looks to be unused or in very low mileage condition. The label is in amazing condition for being well over 100 years old. The stone itself is bright white with a rosy blush running thru it. Came in a homemade craftsman case. This was a home run of a score

729035C4-D1A7-4D3D-BC73-2A9E4D33C784.jpeg 9EAECDC5-8D0A-4189-9240-A590B12F5728.jpeg C905DFBB-8E80-4C44-B59F-305F665321DA.jpeg C27DC09D-47AD-4B8D-93AE-E6031010445D.jpeg 5B79681B-3105-4829-90F9-38169DC78590.jpeg 6037853C-79CE-499B-9D79-9B6A5D57087C.jpeg
Washita hones are fairly rare in France. Very few surface, and not much aficionados seem to go for them.

I've been lucky to find a few. The common theme seem to be watchmakers.


A pretty good condition 8x 1 3/4 x1 #1 for mechanics. Fairly hard, not specially fast.


A boxed very white, slightly translucent 6x almost 2x1 washita. The stamp is hard to read "xxita oilstone" so I guess is another #1. Bit softer and faster than the first.


Both where glued with hide glue, that softened while cleaning the stones. Both arrived free from the box.

This seems a broken piece from a 6 or 8" stone. 5x almost 2x 3/4. Well "loved" it was unrecognizable. Softer and faster than the rest.


The last one is pretty odd. Very hard, glassy feel and sorority, it cuts fairly fast, even on water. Quite translucent and porous. I would say is the best of the lot, shame is broken. 5 x 2 and some x 1/3 is left.


I use them often enough. They do great with woodworking tools. The last one, being very portable, does an excelent axe stone.
The main thing is to keep them clean. Once loaded, they seem not to work so well. This may explain why the two first were barely used.

I must say that they act much like a Turkish hone. But the later can be faster, and are easier to clean. So while I'm glad to have a few to play with, washitas are no longer in my "to get" list, and rather in the "for 5€, sure I get it". Only the first cost me more than the drive or postage to get it...


Yeah, I rarely snag anything under 8" these days and mostly stick to 10" stones. (Washita's are common here but 9-10" are still rare). Washitas are a stone where more size is a boon. Little ones... yeah watchmakers and maybe leatherworkers I would assume are the primary users.
Stones have dried up this last year. Very few to be found nowadays, let alone a 9 or 10 inch one.
My last real great snag was a 12 inch purple la lune, and that is as rare as they come. The problem now is that I will never be satisfied with out finding the same 12 in blue.
I may have to pay the trip to Tim, and see if it can pull his magic in here...
I passed on the last six Washits’s but lucky number seven came home with me. Can’t leave a Pike Sperm Oil stone in the wild. A 6 inch stone with a big oyster missing from the bottom. Nice color, character, and veining Been a while since a seen a 8” or larger rock

DDA677EE-117E-4776-A9A2-BF61CBB3B23C.jpeg BD30CE9B-916F-4D2A-9766-FA0931B1B342.jpeg AB94843D-A0F5-48CF-81F5-8239BD9BAB76.jpeg D7E3BFAD-6EC2-4805-B91D-0591A20E9958.jpeg 1E692EEC-1940-47E3-AEDC-DB8BDBB4D8D6.jpeg
Might I pick the brains of some of the experts here... I was wondering about the various colour differences in Washitas, and whether they signified anything (ignoring for a moment LW and RR).

Here are two old stones I got recently. I've lapped them after cleaning with hot water and dishwashing liquid, but not Simple Green. So the original colours may have been slightly different, but hopefully these pictures give a reasonable idea. Would the colour difference have any bearing on the stones usually? Or tell you anything about them? Or is it just a matter of some stones are different colours, and you have to use them to find out?

FWIW: They seem quite similar to me, but I have a marginal preference for the cream coloured one. But these are the only two Washitas I've ever used, so have little frame of reference. Also - do chime in if you think either or both aren't actually Washitas, or with just general thoughts on them...


IMG-1651 (1).JPG





[EDIT - I suppose the light coloured one could be similar to a RR, it seems to have some slight pink-orange-y tint to some areas.]
@cotedupy - No, color of novaculite doesn’t mean a lot, but the color in your stones looks mostly like old oil and swarf. Soaking in degreaser would likely change that a good bit particularly on the darker one. Probably both about the same color if clean.

If you want to find if there is any difference then the best way is to put a carbon steel knife or planer blade on them and see which one cuts the best. May act the same. May look the same and act differently.

Good luck.
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