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Washington Post does razor review

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Kudos for including an "Art of Shaving" Merkur HD. The blades for it were priced at $9 for 10 blades, who charges that much? Even the Swedes are cheaper than that.

I'll rip the text for the HD, don't tell the Post!

The Art of Shaving Safety Razor
New York's luxury men's grooming brand offers a double-edged safety razor, handmade in Germany, with an elegant heavy chrome handle and a platinum razor blade.

Smooth Move: The sleek silver look was a big hit with our testers -- one described it as "the razor Pierce Brosnan would use." Our sensitive-skinned shaver (for whom shaving is "a tragic, uphill battle") praised it for being "virtually pain-free" and the single-blade style made grooming especially easy for our bearded tester.

Razor Burn: The razor's shape and style made it difficult for some to shave hard-to-reach areas. One tester complained that he ended up with a lot of cuts from the blade, while another said he couldn't get a close enough shave. Assembling the razor and loose blade seemed dangerous, and there are no instructions.

Details: Razor, $45 at www.theartofshaving.com. 10 safety blades, $9.​
Nothing like adding your name to a product so you can tack another 20.00 bucks on it. I always wish the reporters would have contacted someone on the board first before doing comparisons like this. I doubt they used a brush or some nice smelling shaving cream.
Yup, modern journalism. It's more like dablling in information media.

Really, a reporter is SUPPOSED to do some background, some research, maybe even do some testing first. This article really shows none of that - to bad. I would have expected more from a renowned paper like the Post.

Now there will be more people out there perhaps feeling that wet shaving is either too difficult or too expensive or both - a reality quite different from what many on B&B experience, at least initally before the ADs set in.

Anyway, nice to get even a bit of coverage, even if it's not the best quality information. Maybe those who are interested because of this article will Google wet shaving and end up here - the Mecca of real and detailed informtion on the art and science of wet shaving.


Yeah, kinda like most movie reviews. No clue. But the exposure of DE razors in the general media will maybe get some folks curious. Like the MSNBC article/piece (which was more comprehensive and authoritative, IMO). "Put the word in the streets" as Cab Calloway said in The Blues Brothers.:wink:
you might start thinking that selling razor blades at those prices they are really trying to push their m3 handles.
majkeli said:
Assembling the razor and loose blade seemed dangerous, and there are no instructions.
I especially liked this line. How hard is it to assemble a razor and put in a blade that you would actually need directions? I suspect this reporter has to hire someone to change his lightbulbs.
Ridiculous that they tought this was art of shaving and needed instructions. The author in one hour of surfing could have learned so much. An e-mail to one of the mods could have produced so much. Oh well--good one AOS--don't doubt they were behind the deception one bit either.

So I now boycott AOS for their ridiculous deception.
Kind of makes you wonder how the reporter managed to apply the "dangerous" blade to his face without doing himself a damage. :eek: Pretty silly.

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