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Was your very first shave DE/SE/SR

My first razor was an electric that I got back in 1969. I bought a Gillette trac II shortly after they hit the market.
My first shave was with a TracII.

My first DE shave was in 2009 with a superspeed.

My first open blade shave was on December 30, 2017 with a Feather SS, non-folding.

My first straight razor shave was in February of 2018.
I shaved as needed with the original BIC disposables from the age of 15 thru high school. I didn't really become a mature, daily shaver until I was a freshman in college, when I started using a Gillette Black Handle DE in 1985.
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First DE shave was with a VDH TTO my son got me for Christmas. Less than 2 months after that I got a Merkur 38c which I now use daily.
My first shave was with a plastic toy DE razor loaded with a die-cut cardboard blade printed to look like a blue blade.

My first real shave was with an electric that my parents gave me, then I switched to a Gillette Super-109.
I'm pretty sure if I turned everything in the house upside down I would find it, but it's been 30 years and 5 moves since I've seen it.
My first shave was with the same 1959 Gillette Fatboy that I shaved with today. Dad was a barber and taught me to shave with a straight before I went to college. That gave me some serious cred in the hall bath.
For me it would have been around 1977 with whatever Gillette cartridge razor was the latest great thing at the time. For my son it was last year with a pre-WW2 Gillette Tech, loaded with a GSB.
Phillishave rotary head electric razor. When I joined the Reserves, I very quickly became acquainted with the Bic single blade disposables.


I started with a slim adjustable. Dad had an identical one. I still hold out hope that they are packed away somewhere in the attic but I haven't been able to find them. I guess I was 14 or 15 when I started shaving.
Gillette Atra 1988. Remembered being disappointed because it felt so light and plastic-y. Decades of meh service until I converted.
D89 heavy
AoS cheap badger brush
AoS Sandalwood soap in bowl
Forget what blades
Got everything at AoS by the house. Still have the stuff! Don't worry use anything but the soap from time to time.
1980 with a Fatboy my dad gave me.
I was 15.
Never used anything but a DE since than:
The a/m FB from 1980-2000.
A Merkur 34c from 2000-today.
And a Fatip picolo my wife gifted me in 2016 that I also often use.

Only 3 razors in 40 years...of daily shaving ,not bad...
First ever shave was with a disposable. I'd moved on to twin blade cartridges by the time I left school at 16, but it wasn't long after that (certainly within two years of starting work) when I ditched cartridges for DE. DE blades weren't easy to find in the early 90's, but they were worth the hunt.
First shave was around 12/13 years old, sporting a beard at 14 in junior high, late 1960s. Was in Switzerland at grandparents, my grandfather taught me. It was his old DE, whatever brush, and plain old soap. He gave me a brush and razor, no clue where they ended up.

My dad had one of these that I also used:

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After too many years (half a century) of electrics and cartridge with aerosol lather am getting back to DE with brush and shave soap
First shave was with a Flying Eagle DE razor, when I turned 14. For many years it was my only razor. It was a gift from my parents and I cannot remember what happened to it. Shame, I know.