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*Warning-Spoilers, see post #697* - HBO's Game of Thrones

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I'd like to know before "it's all over":

-What did the voice answer out of the flames when Varyss's "pillar and stones" were cast into the fire?
Agree. That is one expensive question ...

I remember the feeling after several place holder slow episodes in past seasons. Character development. Not much happening. That struck me after last night's episode the contrast was amazing. With the realization that there is one left. Wow its coming to an end.
does arya now kill the queen after living through fire in the streets? Or is that too simplistic.
This is the first place I have come for comments that I was not left with the impression that the writers suddenly realized that there were only two episodes left so they better start upping the body count and offing major characters willy nilly.
Jon is going to have to kill Dany.

Especially since Varys sent out notifications to everyone about who Jon really is
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After the slower than a congressional hearing’s pace of the first two episodes, we had three wild ones. I was even able to see two of them!

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Thrilling to watch. Some good acting, particularly from Dani, who had seemed pretty flat to me recently. Writing seems lazy, to me. Too many quick turns. Dragons are back to being unbeatable, whereas last episode they were highly vulnerable? Would not have been much of a build up if dragons were understood to be invincible. Euron just happens to be on the same beach as Jaimie? Dani and Greyworm who are bereft at the unfair killing of Missandei, take it out on innocent civilians, including massive numbers of women and children. Why would that happen exactly? A soldier in Dani's army tries to kill Jon Snow to make off with an innocent woman? That seems like an unlikely event.

I think the writers took the too easy path of Dani as the mad queen. Clearly Dani no longer has any friends, and I would be surprised if she has any supporters. Having the power and fear to govern comes not from having a dragon but from being able to act through others. Dani never exhibited any ability to govern in any event. No political savvy at all.

Cool that the brothers got to fight it out.

Sansa was not much in evidence in this episode. I expect her to have a major part in the finale. I think someone is going to take Dani out, perhaps with a long speech about how sad they are to do it. Arya taking Dani out would be really lazy writing but they might go for it. Maybe Arya will rule the seven kingdoms in the end. She has grown from a cold-blooded killer to an empathetic, level-headed person.

Still, all said, very fun to watch. I hate to say it, but satisfying to see so many main characters killed off. Still great TV. A great series. One of the very best ever.
i kept waiting for Arya to employ the "faces" in the episode ... like she would be that wizard guy coming to report to cersei. and knife her. does she do this to off dani or does jon....the tear route. following on jon not wanting the crown i dont see him killing his way to get there.
He doesn’t want the crown, but his sense of justice won’t allow him to abide by a tyrant on the Iron Throne either.

I say we each put in our bets on who will take out Dany “Clue” style:

I’ll go first-

Jon, in the Red Keep with Longclaw


Writing seems lazy, to me. Too many quick turns.
I agree. While I don't have a problem with things happening quickly, I don't get everyone going bat crazy over all of King's Landing. It was too much to quickly and rather cliché.

i kept waiting for Arya to employ the "faces" in the episode ...
I would not have liked that at all. What actually happened was far more interesting.