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Warner Razors: Opinions?

When I bought my first custom razor, before law school when I had money, i talked to Warner, but ended up with a Robert Williams. Dealing with RW was a pleasure and the razor was exactly what I order! It wasn't as polished as I had hoped and life got in the way.

Either way, one of my fellow B&Bers mentions having SRAD for a Warner. I didn't even know he was still in business cause the webpage changed. Long story short, his stuff looks really good even though his prices have gone up $200 a pop when the economy has gone down. Give me a shout if you own one and what you think.

Here is an example if you havent seen one before. Looks like great work.
I talked to Frank about two months ago and at that time he was not taking orders any longer. I hope he has changed his mind.
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