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Warmer scents for colder months?

Proraso wood and spice balm or maybe something from stirling they have a ton of scents and a lot of them are available in a outdoorsy woodsy lumberjack variety.
Tabac is my Sunday morning winter go to.
I used to wear the EDT until one time at church I smelled some bad perfume, and wondered why that old lady in front of me was so rude as to drench herself in a skunky perfume. Then I realized it wasn't her, it was me. And I wasn't even wearing that much of it.

I think if you are going to wear this, it should definitely be in colder weather. There's a skunkiness to this fragrance that body heat tends to amplify. The only thing I've smelled similar to this was in a "cannabis" body spray, that had something like a tomato plant-liked accord that reeked. It smelled more like a garden shop than a fragrance to wear.
I have two Clubman scents, Bay Rum and Whiskey Woods. My wife refers to them both as “Grampa” scents, lol. I like them both, but she wants me to have something “younger.” Does that change anyone’s suggestions? :-D
Anything with alot of vetiver. You could even just use straight vetiver oil, it's generally skin safe. That will have a younger vibe, since it's popular now days.
Thanks for all the help. Also, what a fun topic! I’ve narrowed my selection down to a few.
PDP no 63
PAA Dragons Blood (but it has menthol, sigh)
Luxe Por Homme by G Dragons Blood
Luxe Por Homme by G Frankinsense and Myrrh
Stirring Agar

Anyone have experience with LPH on Etsy?
In warm weather you wear lighter scents, like citrus and florals they call them chypres.
Or fresh ‘green’ type scents those are called vetivers.
In cold weather you wear musk type scents, they’re called fourgeres.
Or spicy, incense type scents, those are orientals.
If you’re looking for a tobacco type scent, you can’t go wrong with Clubman Special Reserve.
Now, it is an alcohol splash, so it doesn’t moisturize. Wear it when the humidity is high and
Your skin is already hydrated. I like to wear it in late fall, or when I’m hangin’ out with a buddy
and we’re going to smoke cigars. The perfect a/s for the situation.