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Warmer scents for colder months?

Proraso wood and spice balm or maybe something from stirling they have a ton of scents and a lot of them are available in a outdoorsy woodsy lumberjack variety.
Tabac is my Sunday morning winter go to.
I used to wear the EDT until one time at church I smelled some bad perfume, and wondered why that old lady in front of me was so rude as to drench herself in a skunky perfume. Then I realized it wasn't her, it was me. And I wasn't even wearing that much of it.

I think if you are going to wear this, it should definitely be in colder weather. There's a skunkiness to this fragrance that body heat tends to amplify. The only thing I've smelled similar to this was in a "cannabis" body spray, that had something like a tomato plant-liked accord that reeked. It smelled more like a garden shop than a fragrance to wear.
I have two Clubman scents, Bay Rum and Whiskey Woods. My wife refers to them both as “Grampa” scents, lol. I like them both, but she wants me to have something “younger.” Does that change anyone’s suggestions? :-D
Anything with alot of vetiver. You could even just use straight vetiver oil, it's generally skin safe. That will have a younger vibe, since it's popular now days.
Thanks for all the help. Also, what a fun topic! I’ve narrowed my selection down to a few.
PDP no 63
PAA Dragons Blood (but it has menthol, sigh)
Luxe Por Homme by G Dragons Blood
Luxe Por Homme by G Frankinsense and Myrrh
Stirring Agar

Anyone have experience with LPH on Etsy?