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Wanting to maintain short-ish beard without using beard trimmer


I use a phillips beard trimmer to trim my beard about once a week. I use grade 6 or 7 for the beard trimmer.

Everytime I use the beard trimmer it really thins out my beard hair.

My aim is to maintain a short-ish beard, around grade 6 or 7 length, but keep my beard hair thick.

I guess the other option is to use scissors to cut the beard. I've tried this and it's fine to do this for some parts of the beard like the chin, but the bits around the jaw line are quite difficult to cut with scissors because the hair doesn't really grow out, like the chin does. Instead it kinda grows in circles, so if I wanted to take a bit of length off the hair on the jawline area it becomes difficult to do.

But the jawline is the area that looks messy after a week and is the main reason i need to trim the beard to neaten it up

Any ideas on how I can effectively keep the beard looking neat (especially round the jawline area) whilst keep it as thick as possible?
Don't try to keep all the whiskers the same length. The problem with clipper guards is they follow the underlying shape of your face which may not be the shape you want your beard to be. Beards usually look better with several different lengths of hair blended together, instead of one uniform length throughout.

Suggest using a barber comb instead of guards. You can either use clippers over the comb, or use scissors over the comb. You will not be limited to the length set by guards.

I have only used scissors and straights for the past two years. For my moustache I cut any hair that gets long enough to get into my mouth. For my beard I maintain the shape by cutting any hairs that stick out strange. The hairs at the bottom of my beard tend to curl into each other, when a curls starts to stick out noticeably I cut it off. I trim my lines and neck up with the straight razor every couple of days.

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