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Want to submit writings.... but where?

So, I've been writing for a while and I'd like to start getting my works out in the open... I don't know where to submit these writings to though. Any suggestions?


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Seriously though, what sort of writings are you doing, and what sort of publication do you seek?
There used to be a publication (reference) called "Writer's Marketplace"; I can't find any reference to it on the Internet. If you can locate a copy at a library and look through it, you can get an idea of the various parts of the markets for writing. Don't subscribe to some service that offers to help place your work. It would help if you mentioned what type of writing you are doing.
I've wondered about this myself, more hypothetically than actually making plans. I've thought about E-publishing, such as Kindle format. Seems like it might not be hard to get something out there, but actually getting somebody to notice or care that it's out there would be another matter. Good luck with whatever it is.
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