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There are two types of packaging for the Feather double edge blades, that one and a yellow one. The difference is in how many blades are in each plastic carrier. The black one has five blades inside, and the yellow one has ten blades. The blades inside are the same.
Yes. The black label is 5 blades and the yellow is a 10 count. There is only one type of Feather DE blade.

As someone whose been using Feathers for 20 years I might offer an observation. Though a great blade and for sure the sharpest first shave out there, they dull somewhat quickly in my opinion and aren't nearly as sharp on the second shave; they're also not particularly smooth, though mild razors tame them substantially.

Thanks to a PIF from a member on here recently I've tried some new blades and found two that more or less dethrone Feathers for me:
1. Gillette Nacets - not quite as sharp out of the pack as a Feather, but they are close. The Nacet is also way smoother in a variety of razors and seem to hold onto the sharpness 'till about the 4th shave.
2. Perma Sharp - Theses are not as sharp as the Feather or the Nacet initially, but after the first pass or two they sharpen up and are maybe sharper than both the Nacet and the Feather... like crazy sharp. Again the sharpness seems to last longer on these to about the 3rd or 4th shave. Also smoother than the Feather, but the Nacets are smoother still.
Both of these blades are out of the same Russian Gillette factory (I believe) and both are cheaper than Feathers.

If you're just looking for a "sharp" blade I think these two are worth trying along side the Feathers. Feather still has a place in my arsenal, but will now mainly be relegated to taking down beards - e.g., I will use one at the end of this month to kill the beard and then toss it after one use. The Nacet in particular could be an everyday blade.

Have tried the Derby and now the Astra. Want to try the Feather and the Gillette Silver Blue, and the Polsilver.
I use Feather for a very specific situation. When my stubble is really short but I want a clean shave, Feather in a mild razor does an excellent job of working through it. Other blades have a hard time with short stubble and cause irritation. But a fresh Feather blade can do like no others.

The second and third shaves are sort of like a less smooth version of Wilkinson Sword Classic. They work well, but on that first shave, a Feather can do what other blades can't.
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