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Want to get into DSLR, is there an actual budget option?

Not strictly DSLRs I'm recommending, but you can find plenty of pre-owned mirrorless kits on eBay, eg. you can find a basic a5100 kit for about the price of a nice P&S, although an A-mount to E-mount adapter would set you back a bit but would grant you access to the entire Sony lens catalog, as the A-mount lenses would be adapted, and your body would be natively compatible with the E-mount lenses.
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Saw this post just now and was wondering if the original poster got a camera?

As someone who makes a fair living with sports photography, any DSLR in the last 7 years will be fine, but go with the best you can reasonably afford. When I was starting back into the photography world I went with a Nikon D7000 and used my dad's old kit lenses from our 35mm film N90. Worked great, then I started doing sports photography and purchased a used D300. My next camera was a Nikon D500. I also just got a ridiculous deal on a Nikon D700 for under $200.

Always spend the money on the lenses as they will be compatible longer than the cameras. Digital cameras get updates and refresh every couple of years. 3 years is considered very old to a professional sports photographer for instance. In the end though a good photographer can get a great image with an old camera. Also, with new tech look at mirrorless cameras as well. They offer some great advantages to a non-sports photographer in my opinion.

Given you have a family I would recommend something used and use it till it breaks! Take photos of your kids and family and share the photos and back them up on the cloud. The images are worth so much later. Hope you found something awesome, and if so share some photos!
Thoughts on getting a new camera and what to look for or maybe not...

I like the comment near the end where he says, “You’ll never take a great picture with a camera that’s sitting at home.”

My DSLR spends too much time sitting at home. Because of this, I bought some external lenses for my phone, which easily fit in a pocket. Also, sharing photos from my Nikon D3200 is a pain. So my iPhone XS is my current camera of choice.

If I do buy a new camera it will have an offset range finder viewer. I hate having to smash my nose against the rear display when looking through the view finder on my DSLR. Something like a Fuji mirror less variety might be nice.