Want to get into DSLR, is there an actual budget option?

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    -There was no photography class when I was in school, so I cut my teeth in photography by means of my father and his Canon Al-1. He bought it in Germany when he was in the service and I always drooled over how cool it looked and the pictures he had taken of the German countryside with it. I have always loved the art of photography and have dreamed of pursuing it as a hobby.

    -Recently my father let me borrow his old AL-1 to use as long as I like. I do enjoy using it and it does bring me much joy, but developing at home would be a pain and I'd rather spend what little valuable time I have shooting! Furthermore, I cannot afford to continuously pay for developing as well as drop the change for a film scanner as well. I have three kids, work full time, and attend university full-time. I do this so that my kids can enjoy a better future, so it feels selfish to want such nice toys for myself and truly I cannot afford a nice new dslr and lens.

    -I do want to enjoy the hobby though, and I want to enjoy it more thoroughly than I can now. I want to be able to shoot more photos, not worrying about the price of film/developing. I want to be able to upload my pics and not worry about scanning or having the developer cut me a disc. I feel a dslr is the key to getting more enjoyment from photography, but I cannot afford to drop $500 on a new D3400 bundle. So should I just try to buy used and if so from where, a reputable dealer or take my chances on ebay? And what budget models should I look out for (I really feel drawn to Nikon)?

    -Thanks for all your help, I know it can be an expensive venture. But I have to keep my passion for photography under my responsibility to my family, regarding budget.

    (p.s., when creating a thread, how do I indent a paragraph???).
  1. I have been watching B&H for a while, and the prices are certainly right, being cyber Monday. Honestly, it seems like a great deal but its still a lot for me to pony up for a "daddy-toy." I think I may just have to start putting away a few dollars here and there until I have saved-up $400-500 on my own. It certainly wouldn't strain the finances, and perhaps it would help to lessen the "selfish" feeling of such a purchase?
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    I went looking around on several different place that sell used things. Even models that were 4 years old were selling almost as much as new.
  3. you are just getting your feet wet. firt thing to decide is what flavor you want to own.
    Go to best buy or somewhere that sells cameras local. pick them up, play with the controls and menus. some like Canon, Some like Sony Some like Nikon. I cannot speak for canon , so I will address Nikon. Nikon has 2 different boy typpes. the D300-500 series that do not have the drive motrs in the bodies and the pro-prosumer models like the 7000 series and the triple digit bodies that do. the difference is the auto-focus. the nice thing is that if you but the lens that has the motors built in, any camera can use them. if not you have to manually focus. it should not be an issue unless you are looking at old glass.

    if you want to dabble in Nikon, BH has a used D3000 for 159 bucks for the body NikonD3000 SLR Digital Camera Body

    18-55 mm lens 89 bucks
    NikonAF-P DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR Lens

    70-300mm zoom 149
    NikonAF-P DX NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3G ED Lens

    so for general purpose you can be into it for 250, 500 if you go with the long lens
  4. As a couple models have come up since I got my Rebel T5, they have become very affordable. And really, I haven't upgraded because their just as good as anything new. I mean, it's the lenses you buy later that help more anyway. Keep an eye on Best Buy, as they often have very good deals on 'Open Box' items. My Canon was 250$ cheaper as an open box, and my laptop was almost half price as it was a floor model for almost two whole days.
  5. Definitely go used or demo on an older model. the standard rule is Bodies come and go, glass is forever.
    for you, just starting out, go with consumer glass as well until you are sure you want to start into this very expensive hobby.
  6. You can buy a D3300 on Craigslist for two hundred bucks. Kit lenses look like $100 or so. And honestly that's all you need at this point, despite what fanboys (and the little devil io your shoulder!) might try to tell you.

    If you're grown up about it and understand how to live within a budget, you can find all sorts of interesting lenses on eBay. I have a pretty good 70-200 millimeter lens that I found for $15. Is it the fastest lens? Is the auto focus the best out there? No of course not, but it was $15!
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    Yep. It is kind of a toss up between Canon Rebel and Nikon 3400. Once I had them in hand, the Nikon one. It fit my hand better
  8. Thanks to everyone for all the help, everyone has been quite helpful. As per recommendations, I will save up and try to catch a deal on a D3400, or perhaps older, model Nikon. B&H seems to be a reliable source, so they will likely have my business once I have my funds in order. Thanks again to everyone, you have been most helpful and encouraging.
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    “Won” not “one”
  10. If you know of a reputable camera store, check out their used digital SLRs and lens. I have bought used SLRs that I used for years without problem. Maybe I a crazy, but I am leery of Ebay for cameras.
  11. I am planning to buy a rebel T6. I didn't see anyone mentioned this camera above. Is this a bad choice for under $400 range camera?
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    Never tried a Canon, I'm a Panasonic shooter myself. Just wanted to say you can't buy a bad camera these days. Anything made in the last 5 years is more than capable of taking amazing images. Some have more or better feathers than others and some guys swear by one line of lenses over another. If you like what you see on the Canon and especially if you can pick one up and it feels good in hand get it. Or get something else if it's on sale or buy used. For a beginner you really just need something to start learning on.
  13. Thoughts on getting a new camera and what to look for or maybe not...

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    I was torn between the Canon and its Nikon equivalent. If you can, try to get your hands on both. The Nikon felt better in my hands, so that is the one I will go with. Your hands may differ.
  17. :thumbup1: That's probably the easiest solution.

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