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I was wondering if any of you chaps have tried Middleton's 'Walnut'? I am going to place an order with 4Noggins and thought I'd pick up a 2oz sample just to give it a shot.

Walnut is a blend I havent tried. I haven't heard bad things about it from any of the reviews I've read.
Walnut and Prince Albert are the the drugstore blends I would most recommend, I used to use it to break in new pipes as it has a pleasent fairly neutral character. Walnut is a fairly mild tobacco without any strong toppings. Walnut is named after the street where Middleton's first shop was located and is not reflective of flavor.
I tried a bowl of it once, it is a good otc blend, that I can't get otc. I need to pick some up someday. I think it is at least worth a try. I'd smoke it more if I could get it easier.
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