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I'm usually an evening shaver - every second or third day or so. By shaving then I'm rushed and can take my time to get the quality of shave that I like. It has become part of my routine and is very relaxing before going to bed. Well last week we had a morning event at son's school, so that morning, having not shaved the night before, I thought I should better shave. It was a real quick affair. Three passes or so and I was done in maybe 5 or 6 minutes. I didn't really do much for touchups given the usual morning rush for time and was happy with a "good enough" shave - after all, we're still wearing masks so who would know or otherwise care. There certainly were spots left that I would have tended to given time. Well, when I felt my face about an hour later that "good enough" shave felt like any BBS I had ever achieved before! How the hell does that work? (A rhetorical question, thank you.) Just goes to show you that you really don't need to overdo it.
Unless you have OCD tendencies, there is seldom a need to get a BBS shave. If you are in a wedding where you might have close-up photos taken, then a BBS shave might be warranted. Otherwise, do whatever makes you happy.

I try go get a "near BBS" shave. I am normally BBS on my cheeks and neck, but by jawline and chin do not reach that level. That is what make me happy. If I tried to get BBS everywhere, I would get skin irritation, so I stop just short. If you are satisfied with a Socially Acceptable Shave, then there is no need to push beyond that, except for those special occasions.
I do have OCD, and some things in my life must be perfect, otherwise my mind can't get over it until corrected. And I am sure thats one of the reasons why I love always chasing after that BBS shave, regardless if I am comfortable, or uncomfortable afterwords lol. Sinatra Lenon on Youtube recently had to go to his sons career day, so he had to shave really fast, he filmed the shave as he usually does for Youtubers. He used canned barbessol, and just went to town on his face, he did only 2-passes if I remember correctly.

The point is that once your technique is solid, relying on ‘muscle memory’ can lead to great results!!

I've just about quit checking my face while shaving. I do the passes I normally do and after doing them all I'm good. Now if I was to check I would find one spot on my neck and possibly the jawline not as smooth as I'd like but... Most of the time after an hour or so my face feels fine. No stubble anywhere and I feel good. If I do find a spot I don't sweat it as my old whiskers are grey so they don't show. You can normally feel mine before you can see them.

Congrats on learning you don't need to work over your face to the point of irritation as you will still come out fine in the end. Or close enough.
Getting a good shave is the reward. Whether it's with a 3 minute quickie or a 20 minute relaxing shave. Enjoy!
Interpret "don't over do it" as you will, the lesson to have come out of my experience is that over doing it is apparently unnecessary (a hard lesson to learn for sure), as the true quality of a shave won't be apparent until well after the fact. It's kind of like waiting for the paint to dry to see the true color. I am fortunate to now have the equipment (less so technique I would imagine) that gets me closer to where I want to be without causing me to over do it trying to get there.
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