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Wahl Straight Razor - Anyone?


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Shaver Shop in Australia is selling what they call a Wahl Traditional Barber's straight razor with timber scales for only USD 150.

In-shop review says that it is more comfortable to shave with than a shavette.

Has anyone tried one? No, I am not interested in buying one, just curious.

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My spidey sense is triggering on that. It may well be a "perfectly good razor" but you can get a "perfectly good razor" from a certain factory in a certain port city in China for about 1/60 that price. Phosphate coating and custom etching, wood scales, add $30. Pretty stiff markup, at $150. And reviews can be less than totally sincere. If it was only $40 I would say whaddaya got to lose, might be fun to hone it up and put it through its paces. If I am patient I can add another Bismarck to my collection, for $150, or two of them if they are vintage.

Knowing what you know about straight razors, my suspicion is that you would have buyer's remorse pretty early on, mostly because of the price, and what you can get for that kind of money elsewhere. It may be a perfectly good razor. I doubt that it is Pakistani junk. Nobody would have that kind of balls to sell a Paki blade for $150. I don't think. Maybe on Etsy. Wahl is best known for making hair clippers, from "perfectly good" quality up to professional quality. Their clippers are a big seller in the US. They wouldn't put their name on a razor that was totally useless. So there's that. But I have never heard of them having their own line of straight razors before. Hopefully some wannabe straight shaver will spring for one and then come here for answers when he can't make it shave good, maybe send it to a member for an attempt at honing.
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