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Wahl Cordless Clippers

I have owned Wahl electric (corded) clippers since I'm 19 or so, more than 35 years. My wife cuts my hair with them, and the cord drives me absolutely monkey crazy when it touches the hairs on my back. She seems to take pride in her, "whoops, honey--sorry," routine.

I've been doing a lot of research and I'm reaching out to those who are are in the know, perhaps barbers, owners?

What I have found from reading reviews and even a thread or two here, is that if you don't buy the $300 model, you're going to be sorry. Either the motor has no longevity, or it's weaker than a Shirley Temple. Must I get the Professional 5 Star for $141, or the Professional Cordless Senior Metal for ca. $300?

What do you nice folks think? I have no problem saving up for 10 years if necessary, but is it necessary?

I know this for sure: I will be buying a set of cordless clippers. I do not enjoy buying sub-quality crap. I'd rather cry once and have done with it.

Your knowledge, opinion, expertise and wit are all appreciated.
I'm not a barber but I have been buzzing my own hair for the last year or so with the Wahl Five Star Cordless Senior clippers. I actually got the corded version first but since trying the cordless ones there is no comparison and no going back. I thought about the all metal version but someone in a video pointed out that they don't have the groove for your thumb to nest into on the top plate like the regular version making them less comfortable to hold. They will also be a bit heavier possibly venturing into cumbersome territory for some. The back/bottom of the regular Seniors is also metal and they do feel very solid.

With the all metal Seniors you also get a metal taper lever and a charging stand (totally unnecessary for me) and the round badge on the front. I would be very surprised if anything on the inside was different. I've seen both advertised as having Wahl's most powerful cordless motor. Run times for both is 80 minutes. So it looks to me like they have dressed up the original Seniors without changing the insides so they could sell it for a higher price.

I don't think it's worth it. In fact with the extra weight and less ergonomic shape I would still buy the plastic front version even if they were the same price as the all metal Seniors.

TLDR: Save your money and get the black ones.

Wahl Five Star Cordless Senior.jpg
Definitely check Rum Barber videos for "durability testing" in a professional environment. They come up with things that you wouldn't think to think about. I have a reasonably expensive and obscure cordless, but next one will probably be a Stylecraft even though it is nothing fancy. They do have an Amazon store if that matters.
Wahl 5 Star Cordless Magic Clip clippers (8148) are fine and not so expensive. If you shop around, they can be found around $90-100. Don't get ripped off by places still trying to charge extra for "covid markup".
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