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W&B and a Boker......Can They Be Saved?

Might need to be re-profiled to give it a proper taper. Without handling a blade I couldn't tell you for sure, but most blades are salvageable IMO.
Of course they are salvageable, at least as shavers. The Boker is an odd duck, though, and you might want to think about a full restoration. It is IMHO rather collectible. The W&B is turning into a wedge and you will probably need to hone it like a near wedge. Hone hone hone, no tape, then give it a half dozen laps on your finisher with a layer of tape on the spine for a microbevel and it should shave just fine. Yes, the tape might push the secondary bevel out of the optimum range, but it is difficult to achieve a true apex when the bevel flat is so expansive. If you are not accustomed to honing smileys you might want to send it out. Or pick up a basket case or two on fleabay that have big smiles, and practice your rolling X on them before tackling the W&B. They have a cult following and so they are a bit more valuable than they ought to be. Even though it will never be a showpiece, it will still have added brand value.


Thank you Slash. I was curious about the funny spine on the Boker. It's oval in cross section and then forms a groove in the bevel. Perhaps for a guard or something?

A full restore is most likely beyond my abilities. Any recommendations for someone to send it too. Glad I consulted here before going all ham fist and gung ho on it I can't believe I found something good, my luck just doesn't run that way.

As far as the W/B goes, I've really been wanting to learn how to hone wedges. Here's my chance. I need to conjure up some steam punk scales for it. I'm so stoked to work on this....