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Vulfix vs Taylor

Hi all,

I am considering buying a brush from either Vulfix or Taylor of Old Bond Street.

On the web I found some information suggesting that both brands of brush are manufactured by the Vulfix company.

They have very similar numbering systems, but when I rand Taylors today, I was told that they (Taylors) make their own brush.

Can someone give me some further information.



All brushes of TOBS are made by Vulfix; i know of no exception on this "rule"; the models are identical, but TOBS carries a different numbering of their brushes.

Thanks Peter,

I have read in many posts that Vulfix brushes are of very high quality, are the TOBS versions made to the same high standards?

I am considering getting the S376 super TOBS, any opinions on this particular brush?


I would highly recommend the S41 - I reviewed this here a few weeks ago and gave it high marks after about a year of use. A very dense brush, chubby handle and attaractive finish. It works very well if you like a somewhat stiffer brush that can develop a nice smooth lather.
I've been using a super badger Vulfix 2235, not sure what the equiv. Taylors model is but I find it is a good size, holds a nice amount of water and develops a good lather. Even better news was that I got it for £23, rather than the £50+ on vulfix's website!
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