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Vulfix Sandalwood Cream Makes Me Hungry

Lemme just tell you...15 minutes ago I had my shave and used Vulfix Sandalwood (a sample from WCS). I don't know what other scents/essential oils they use, but that stuff has to be the best smelling cream...EVER. It has a slight sandalwood smell, but I'm detecting a hint of either pumpkin pie or butterscotch?!?!?! If it wouldn't kill me, I'd spread it on cake or cookies as an icing. LOLOL. Definitely a future purchase; Fall/Winter use only (IMO).
They sell it on most popular sites (WCS for sure)... This picture makes it look like cookie dough, but the sample I received has a more glossy, slick, smooth texture/appearance.


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This one is pretty strong in the sample container...smells good enough to eat....LOLOL (but I'm a noob, and don't have a lot to compare it to). The scent dissipates shortly after shaving though....it doesn't linger too long. I used Nivea Sensitive Skin Balm and Floid Blue afterwards...didn't clash with the Vulfix shave cream.
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