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Discussion in 'The Barber Shop' started by Macfrommichigan, Mar 3, 2019.

  1. Find one you can cut and paste and make a keyboard shortcut for it.
  2. In Microsoft Word 365 on my Mac, it is available via Insert->Advanced Symbol->Webdings 2->Row 3 Column 7.
  3. Chan Eil Whiskers

    Chan Eil Whiskers Contributor Ambassador

    I figured out how to make a keyboard shortcut for it. I also had fun learning a lot more about my mac and the symbol. However, the shortcut is not working. I'll look into it again later.

    Thanks, gentlemen.

    Happy shaves,

  4. If we could use HTML, then typing ‽ would've worked.
    But it didn't.
  5. Doc4

    Doc4 Moderator Emeritus


    I tried to look that up on Wikipedia, but my Iphone2 was all wonky.

    That's numberwang.

  6. TexLaw

    TexLaw Contributor

    Well, it may be dramatic. It may not be. Whatever it is, though, it is significant. But, yeah, it's overblown in the same way folks have been using "seismic."

    One of my very good friends once coined the perfect word for that situation: couplefive.

    "Let's get together for a couplefive beers."
  7. If it came about on the fly during conversation i'd see it as re-estimate down from the original guess, context and phrasing would lend clarity.
  8. this is an interesting premise but until we get a professional linguist to weigh in with some actual evidence/research, I'm tempted to suggest it is nothing more than an interesting premise.

    my understanding of how educational levels have trended over time and some professional work I've done with NLP hashing/embedding suggests to me it's very likely the OP is incorrect. that being said, I suppose it is possible.
  9. Americans love the word "nuance" don't they?
  10. On what are you basing your assertion? I’m an American and I don’t recall the last time I used that word. Neither do I recall where I saw it, outside of this thread.
  11. Chan Eil Whiskers

    Chan Eil Whiskers Contributor Ambassador

    I depends how nuanced our understanding might be.
  12. It's what plants crave.
  13. The Knize

    The Knize Moderator Emeritus

    What is wrong with the word "nuance"?
  14. My own personal self? Only used the word "nuance" five or four times I suppose. Couplefive at the very mostly.
  15. Too gray, if it's not black or white it's worthless.
  16. There's some truth to that, actually. Sad!
  17. Does anyone else notice when the word "gentlemen" is misused?

    Witness: "It was THAT gentleman...right there!....That's the gent that stabbed me and nicked my wallet!"

    Cop: "Very well, we will haul that gentleman's @#$ down to the station"
  18. Doc4

    Doc4 Moderator Emeritus

    That thar is nuanced sarcasm.

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