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    Blame it on social media. Blame it on the demise of print media. Heck, blame it on fast food.

    Vocabularies are shrinking.

    Last evening we were watching HGTV; the program focused on a Maine family camp, or cottage. Post- remodel the family toured the property. Adults and children alike screamed, "OMG!" Also, "This is so awesome!" Room to room, those were the comments. Like, totally.

    Dang world is going to Hades.
  1. Agree. And not just verbal, but written as well. If I see one of my students write "it was therefore apart of what was happening" (meaning it was part of), I think I'll rip it up and throw it at him.
  2. If every other word isn't an 'F' bomb i'd consider they are doing quite well.
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    Wall-E was oddly prescient
  4. naughtilus

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    So was Idiocracy.
  6. Reduced vocabulary is doubleplusgood. It makes everything easier by allowing people to express themselves without nuance or confusing others with shades of grey.
  7. Life is all about shades of grey, vocabulary brings clarity.
  8. And through clarity one can find the TRUTH.

    Sometimes the truth is right in front of our eyes but alas we fail to see... Trust Morgan Freeman for only he can show us the way..
  9. But with clarity comes accountability. Nobody wants that anymore.
  10. TexLaw

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    Too true. Thus, the creation of the phrase "you know what I meant."
  11. I don't know why I find this objectionable, but I'm very tired of the over-use of the word "transparent". Also, "transparency". There's always talk of politicians, CEO's and others accountable to various others as needing to be more open and transparent in their dealings and statements. That accountability would be more effective if we used the actual word they are alluding to which is honesty. I don't need or want people to be more "transparent" whatever the h*** that's supposed to mean. We need them to be honest. You're either being honest, or dis-honest......not transparent. Rant over.
  12. "Hey Ed, do you think I should drink a 40oz bottle of bourbon and then drive?"
    Do you want me to give my honest opinion? Or my transparent opinion?
  13. Doc4

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    I literally died laughing reading this ...

    They do that alot?
  14. 40 oz of bourbon...Man, people are really getting after it these days. I don't think I could have done that even in college!
  15. It drives me up the wall when a person confuses ...

    Podium: a small platform on which a person may stand to be seen by an audience, as when making a speech or conducting an orchestra.

    Lectern: a tall stand with a sloping top to hold a book or notes, from which someone, typically a preacher or lecturer, can read while standing up.

    I cringe when I'm in a meeting or conference and the speaker introduces someone and states..."and now, Mr. Cohiba will take the podium." I want to scream...."What The Freak"!!! "Where's the podium, oh you mean LECTERN'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This boys and girls is a LECTERN:

    This boys and girls is a PODIUM:
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    Yes it was. It's got electrolytes
  17. Is it shrinking or changing? Read someone like G.K. Chesterton, who wrote roughly a century ago. The words in everyday usage shifts with time.
  18. Good point.
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    “What ho, Jeeves, I literally LOL’d.”
    “Indeed, sir.”
    “Pardon my mentioning it, Jeeves, but you look like you just swallowed a poop imoji.”
    “I belive it to be a parasympathetic response on behalf of Messers Fowler and Fowler, in response to your idiosyncratic use of the King’s English, sir.”

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