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Virginia Gents Shave

If this is the wrong forum to post this, I apologize, and feel free to move to the appropriate forum. I was originally going to post to "The Barber Shop" but decided against it.

Anyway, who is up to getting a shave and hair cut at a Barber Shop in our fair Commonwealth? There are three Barber Shops I know of that do both, two here in Richmond and one in Lynchburg.

Maybe do lunch or something too, like shopping (hope my wife doesn't find out I was shopping without her).

So, who's in? I have 5 people (not including myself) interested from the SMF forum and would like to extend the invitation to this forum as well, I originally thought I had done so but could not find the thread.

Anyway, I have been "shopping" barber shops around town and the best shave I have gotten is definately at the William Byrd Hotel Barber Shop. Only one barber does the straight razor shave, and if he is still alive :scared: by the time the 15th of October rolls around, I would suggest we go there. I have posted a map below, for directions from your place, just click on the directions button and fill in your information. Also, it is right across the street from the DMV headquarters and the Virginia Science Museum as two good landmarks.

Now there is a little matter of time, what time do we want to do this deed? Does anyone want to go to lunch? If so, what kind of food? I would think it would be best to go before lunch so we don't offend the barber. Lunch choices range to anything from Crispi Creme donuts fresh from the line, to Mexican, Barbeque, etc.... to lunch at the Jefferson Hotel, or anything else one can want.

Anyone else that either may be in the Commonwealth of Virginia that weekend or live here is more than welcome, and encouraged to visit as well. And since there are plenty of lurkers who don't put their location on their profile, I am sure there are some fellow Virginians out there, PLEASE join us.

Any questions, PM me or reply to this post. And if anyone has a digital camer, please bring it!!


Regards and apologies for the long thread.
To all those plannig on coming to Richmond shave consortium, please shoot me a PM or post your confirmation that you are coming. The barber wants a good estimate of those coming.

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