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Vinyl Record Outer Sleeves

Anybody know where I can get some good quality, and thick!, vinyl record outer sleeves? I want some for my vinyl covers to keep them in tip top shape. I bought a record from one of my local shops and I really liked them, they were thick but not too thick, but I should have asked what kind they use, darn! :mad3:

Anybody got any recommendations?
I don't know off-hand where to get them. I know the last few times I was out of town, I bought some records in an F.Y.E. and they asked if I wanted to buy one (so I bought a bunch).
One of the many things we print where I work is record jackets. We do them on 16 or 18 pt paperboard. Thats typically what any of your packaging is printed on. I have no idea where you would go about getting papberboard, but if were interested, I might be able to send you a simple template.
I find them all the time at vinyl shops. They usually have them behind the counter and sell them cheaper than what you get them for online. I bought about 300 last year, for under $20. About time to re-up :wink2:
yes acoustic sounds and music direct have the quality protectors that don't deteriorate over time and really protect from dust and dirt.
Thanks for the responses guys, goes to show you how much cooler badger and blade is than other forums! I can come here for almost anything and you guys still will respond.
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