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Vintage Williams

I got a neat little surprise today in am ebay auction box I bought 4 vintage brushes (http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php/375689-What-s-on-my-workbench-right-now/page3) It came with a little glass container with a celluloid top, which is way cooler in person than it was in the photos. It has such a 40's feel to it with that celluloid top. But I did not know it was going to come with a puck of vintage Williams.

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I whipped this up in 60 seconds flat. I can't wait to try it for a shave. And the smell? Well, it smells like...soap.

I have a puck of vintage Williams Tonsorial and it's a great soap. Try lathering modern Williams and one of the vintage Williams side by side. They're worlds apart.
Nice score! I had a similar experience today when I ran across an all spice mug and didn't think much of it til I was in the parking lot and noticed it had a sealed puck inside it.


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That's a nice find, I am not an Old Spice fan, I see the mugs all the time for about $8 and pass them up, but I'd buy one if it came with the original soap just to try. There's so many of the mugs around they must have had lots of fans.
Congrats on your vintage Williams. I gave a puck of vintage Colgate a try this week and it was a little disappointing. It had dried a lot over the decades; my guess is that it was WWII era. Lathered ok, practically no scent, left the skin a little dry. If I use again, I would add some glycerine or cream. Goes to show the advancements over the years.
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