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Vintage Star DE Razor ID?

Ok was looking for a Gillette tech, 40's version in good + condition.

While scouring ebay I ran across this one. A Star DE that looks to be in real good shape compared to the Tech's I've been seeing. Some cloudiness on the face but I'm good with polishing nickel.

Tried to look up some info on it and really did not find much on them other than they say it shaves just as good as a tech. But what sites had them shown, had a different handle style on them.

Only one site had one shown with this handle and they said it was 1930-40 manufacture. I see the Star single blades have a similar handle to this one, but some have the different style handles as well.

So wondering if anyone knows much about these and this style handle to maybe give it some sort of time line?

And yes I grabbed it. Will post an update on it when it arrives!


The head looks similar to the Star 100 produced by American Safety Razor. Most of these I've seen have gold wash. There's a chance you may have some parts from the Featherweight version of this razor, made in aluminum. That's not the original handle, which looks similar to this:


Some other razors of very similar design were sold, branded as Personna and PAL.

Here's another recent thread on these razors:

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