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Vintage Shark Blades?

I saw some Vintage Shark DE blades on ebay.
I wasn't aware that Shark was a brand in the golden days.

I am assuming this was an old brand with no connection to current Shark blades?
Looked them up on the bay and I would guess that you are correct that they have no affiliation with the new brand. Those were made in the United States while the new ones are made by Lord in Egypt.


Lord has taken several different defunct brands and brought them back.
I think it's completely unrelated, but today I saw this at http://www.otcwholesale.com/shark-55353.html

Shark Super Chome Double Edge Razor Blades deliver a smooth, luxurious and comfortable shave. These premium blades are used barbers and wet shavers alike. These blades are know for their outstanding smoothness, sharpness, comfort and longevity. Many have told us these are the longest lasting Double Edge blades they have ever used. Manufactured in an ISO2000 Facility, these blades are world reknown for their high quality. Care should be taken to not wipe this blade dry after use. Instead, simply shake the razor dry to avoid removal of the blade's coating. We are sure you will be thrilled with these blades.

To Load Razor:

Hold razor head with thumb and forefinger. Twist razor handle and remove head.
Lead blade onto handle. Replace razor head a retighten firmly.
For safety, store used blade in back of dispenser

Questions: Call Schick 1-800-SHAVERS or Visit: www.shaving.com

I suspect the references to Schick are someone's typo, but I wonder if anyone has called Schick and started asking questions about their Shark blades?
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