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Vintage Razor original packaging - Worth the extra cost?

Hi all:

I have been adding to my vintage Gillette collection recently, and am frustrated when I see a razor I would like to purchase, and the original plastic clamshell comes with it. Of course, this bumps up the price substantially, but given the slow rate of price increase, is it worth the premium? I buy them to use every day. The plastic clamshell is irrelevant to me, and won't necessarily bring a premium until way down the road. I found a G4 gold plated Aristocrat, in great condition (not mint, used) but because it had the original packaging it sold for over $225, for a razor that on it's own would have been $125. Too bad, because the chances of finding a G4 Aristocrat in good shape are slim. I guess I fail the razor purist test.
The cases are more rare than the razors themselves in my experience. That bumps up the value. I’ve got enough loose razors, so for me I’m trying to find cased examples. For me the case is important. It just makes me happier. Can’t necessarily explain why. It just does.
What you are describing is the difference between user and collector-grade razors. I'm not a collector so I generally pass on opportunities where the entire set is included because I just want the razor. There are a lot of people out there that really want the whole kit because they are collectors. If a razor comes with the case and it's still affordable then I'll get the case as well. I have a few razors with the case and it's nice to have but I really don't care so I won't pay extra for it.
Cases in good condition would not last long on BST, so you could recoup (part) of the additional cost, and make some collectors/completionists here very happy :)
I agree that the cases are rarer and can be easily re-sold to get some of the investment back.

However just like with a razor, if the case has issues (cracks, hazy, etc ..) don't expect to get much when selling (nor should you pay a premium for one)
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