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Vintage Polo SCORE!

Nice "Comair" (how it was listed LOL) in a rare 4oz splash on:




For about the price of what you'd expect to pay for a new 4oz spray!!
Thanks guys!

This stuff is AWESOME!!

At first whiff off the bottle..I thought I might have gotten ripped off..as it was semi alcohol-y citrus..so I splashed some on and boy was I wrong!

That just meant the top notes were intact, and quickly melded into a minty type scent, that soon developed into a deep and pungent mossy pine..that settled into a leathery tobacco. MMM MMM good! Must've been kept in the box, as this seems new and fresh smelling..this is POLO to the max, and I love it!

An hour into my work day, I've already received 2 compliments. :D
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