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Vintage Palmolive


I used vintage Palmolive shaving cream today. Overall a good shave. It lathered well and provided adequate moisture for a smooth shave. Anyone else have experience using this cream? Thanks, Mullard
I have that exact same tube. It has given me great shaves every time I used it. But I only used it on the 4th of July, so it has lasted me a very long time.
I had some of that along with a similar tube of Colegate, but they were not well preserved. They had separated into an oily liquid with white, crystal-like solids. They would whip up into a good looking lather, but were not slick enough for my preference. A better preserved specimen may have worked better for me.
amazingly good performer for me, after all these decades!!
mandatory to finish with the complementary aftershave!!

palmolive vintage.jpg
Why did it say on the tube to leave soap (regular bathroom soap i presume) on before applying the shavecream? Perhaps to replicate a shaving soap effect?
I used it like normal with the brush and bowl lather method and it lathered very easily. I did lather some additionally when applying to face.
I'm assuming the idea of leaving the soap on the skin is to help the shaving cream work its way through any oils that may be on the hair. Letting the hair soak it up a bit and therefore get softer.

Palmolive is great, its been a staple for me since i was in my mid 20's. My father and grandfather both used it. As well as Erasmic.


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I first used Palmolive cream in the late
1960’s because it fit easily into my Dopp kit As I recall it was “the cream” of the day. I still use it as it is inexpensive and easily available. My other cream is Kapo. I rarely use soaps any longer. After my half dozen tube of Kapo are gone, I’ll likely use Palmolive. Six tubes for $17 on Amazon. Can’t beat that! Just ordered a six pack. $2.80 for a 100 ml tube. Thought I had better jump on it. Takes a month to get here. Must be from the EU.
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