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Vintage NOS brush - use it or not?

Picked this up, the sticker indicates "West Germany" which dates it to 1945 - 1990 or thereabouts. It is unused and mint. What would you do, put it on the shelf or use it?

Use it. If it doesn't work then put it on a shelf. Maybe in a vintage mug for display. But brushes were meant to be used first and foremost. Nice brush by the way!!!
I'd use it. It's not like you're going to get rich selling it someday. Its only real value is as a useable brush.
I would keep it also. If it's a vintage brush that's been used, I have no problem continuing to use it. When something is old and has never been used, it's more of a collector item for me.
Definitely a collector item. One can always buy another brush to use but to land a vintage NOS?
As soon as you use it, it is no longer an NOS.
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