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FS Vintage Lecoq french razors !

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Hi all,
I propose you all those vintage french Lecoq razors for sale !

Love french women razors ? Have money to spend ? You knocked at the right door ^^
Shipping to the US or Europe includes insurance and tracking number. I ship quickly (same day or the day after) and I strongly protect the razors in my parcels.

Let’s start !

1 : Set of 2 Lecoq razors :
Here is a nice set of 2 Lecoq razors. One has the case and the other not. I sell them together.
Case in great condition, one of the Lecoq has a tiny crack (the one on the left on the last picture) and the one on the right side is slightly twisted (just little bit, it won’t affect the shave)
I ask for 120$ shipping included to the US or 100$ shipping included to Europe

lecoq 3-1.jpg

lecoq 3-2.jpg

lecoq 3-3.jpg

lecoq 3-4.jpg

2 : Another Lecoq !
The box does not say Lecoq, but in France, in the last century, that was common for resellers to put their own logo or company name instead of the shaving company name.

So this is a great Lecoq cage razor with the complete set. You can see the blade holders (not the blades inside) and 2 brushes cases (there are 2 little old brushes inside lol)
The razor itself is in great condition ! Not adjustable, in the head is written Lecoq and also Made in France.
Wonderful french « savoir-faire » with this company, Lecoq is a really great razor company.
Famex and Lecoq were 2 razors companies that produced the «cage razors». The Famex one is adjustable, the Lecoq one is not.
I ask for 150$ shipping included to the US or 130$ shipping included to Europe

lecoq 1-1.jpg

lecoq 1-2.jpg

lecoq 1-3.jpg

lecoq 1-4.jpg
3 : Lecoq cage razor complete set :
This one is simply gorgeous !
Comes with its box, complete set and the Lecoq blade pack is still under blister, rare !!!
I mean, just see the pictures, no need to say more. Same head as the previous one, not adjustable.
Those kind of razors are very very hard to find outside France, especially in this condition.

I ask for 160$ shipping included to the US or 140$ shipping included to Europe

lecoq 2-1.jpg

lecoq 2-2.jpg

lecoq 2-3.jpg

lecoq 2-4.jpg

4 : Lecoq Licence Palmer razor :
Last but not least, Lecoq Licence Palmer !!!
Comes in the complete set, the case is in pretty good condition despite the years.
It has the two blade holders (they are like new with Lecoq engraved).

The Licence Palmer Lecoq is the zamac version, the razor is unique. Amazing condition, check the pictures !! I made a zoom on the last picture to show you where it is not in “great condition”, it is very very small and you don’t even notice it if you normally look at the razor.
In the head is written «Lecoq Licence Palmer» and also «Made in France».
A masterpiece, almost impossible to find in this condition.
I ask for 300$ shipping included to the US or 280$ shipping included to Europe

licence 5.jpg

licence 2.jpg

licence 3.jpg

licence 4.jpg

licence 6.jpg
I've bought many razors from Julien, and have never had cause for regret. Cage head razors are great shavers. If you’ve ever wondered about owning a French razor, you’ll never go wrong with a LeCoq or a Famex. Famex have an additional feature that is amazing. If you tighten the handle you can adjust the efficiency of the shave!
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