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Vintage inventory

Merry Christmas everyone.

Thought I’d do a video inventory and share as I do believe that we keep those vintage beauties alive by showing them and sharing the joy.

After 4 years of intensive collecting I sold more than I kept, in a feeble attempt to keep numbers down. And I think my journey has followed other collectors before me: First you hoard, then you upgrade, then you reduce and only keep a few. By now I focus on the following Gillettes (have sold off all others):

* British Aristocrats and Populars
* Rarities
* My favorite everyday razors: Techs, a Goodwill, a few Rocket Flare Tips, Slims

My non-Gillette collection is an eclectic group of the few razors that I love the most.


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Impressive collection! I don't know why, but I was never into vintage non Gillette razors and I was very close at buying some that can be considered rare and special, but I changed my mind in the last second.

I'm surprised that you don't have any Toggles, Bottom Dials or Red Dots in your collection, but i'm sure you're on a hunt for an Anglo-American Aristocrat :D.
Thanks a bunch guys.

Just FYI the first video seems to be faulty but it works fine when clicking on the link :thumbup1:

I did own a Toggle but did’t really take to the toggle design. I would like a Red Dot but they are too expensive at the moment.
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