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Vintage injector angle

I have a couple of vintage schick injectors, the older style with the bakelite handle, and the angle on them isn't right due to bending over the last 40 years or so. Could someone point me to/post a picture of one with the correct angle so I can bend this thing right? Even a sketch or posting what degree the angle of the bends are would be enough to get pretty close I think.

Thanks very much!
Thanks Ron, That did the trick. I have a nice textured E2 that I've been wanting to try, but wasn't anxious to have my face textured like the razor in the process. Looks like it's good to go.
Just try to keep the head flat on your face - That seems to be the basic rule for these, from my limited experience and what others have posted. You may have to lift the heel up a little to get at some places, but just try to keep it as flat as you can. Enjoy - I love shaving with these things.
I had a wonderful shave with the E2 this morning. Very smooth and close, easily as close as my HD. Closer than I realized actually--I was doing a fourth pass against the grain and gave myself a nice razor-width patch of razor burn the whole length of my neck. It just felt so smooth I thought I could get away with it. I never would have considered doing that with my Merkur HD, and well, I won't do it again with this injector either. :blushing: It's a dang good looking instrument too.
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