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Vintage Gillette Razors


It’s been less than a year I started using vintage Gillette razors. The more I tried them, the louder my curiosity screamed in my ear.
So, I would like to ask:
1. What’s your criteria when choosing a vintage Gillette razor?
2. What are your most cherished vintage Gillette Razors? / Why?


1. Enthusiasm and eagerness to learn smth new;
2. a. Executive Fatboy - comfort, practicality of the adjustability factor while shaving (very sensitive neck), looks;
2. b. British Aristocrat 4th generation - the incredible smoothness, LOOKS!!!

Your photos are more than welcome!

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1. Do I have one of that model yet. Not only limited to Gillette.
2. Pre '51 Gillette Gold Tech, very much worn, but shaves oh so perfectly. I like it so much I might just have it refurbished so I can wear it down again.
1. What’s your criteria when choosing a vintage Gillette razor?
....If it's a post war Tech, all brass made in Canada, I am immediately very interested.
2. What are your most cherished vintage Gillette Razors?
...the only 2 razors I have, Canadian Fat Handle daily driver (with extra weight tungsten putty added) and the near new one that is in my avatar.


1. What’s your criteria when choosing a vintage Gillette razor?
2. What are your most cherished vintage Gillette Razors? / Why?
1. Does it look pretty? Is it unique in some way?

2. Glad there’s an S on the end there 😂 (I currently have 17 vintage Gillette’s - and a modern KCG)

- I love all my Techs. I’ve recently sold some (had 9 at one point, down to “only” 5 now) - but my prewar FH Canada and my 4-piece Flat Bottom English are my faves. They just shave so nicely.

- A NEW SC that is one of my top two faves shavers. Have a little of the backstory of the gentleman who owned it from his son which makes it even cooler.

- A near NOS 53 SS with V3 date code in case with instructions and dispenser. Cool piece of history and I’ve yet to meet a SS I didn’t like!

- A recently acquired replated 37 Sheraton that is so so smooth.
1936 Gillette Aristocrat (first British TTO) heavy, substantial, open combed and just beautifully crafted. Gillette never made a more beautiful razor...

Except perhaps in the British No. 58 set, the very last of Gillette's Aristocrat Jrs., and perhaps the only one of those to share some of the elegance of their fully Aristocratic brothers.

Both are heavy razors (for Gillette), and are fine shavers, slightly more aggressive than the common super speeds and rockets.

My criteria, such as it is, is "Shiny! Affordable?" If either answer is no, I usually skip it.
1 I favor open comb 3 piece razors, but I do have several TTOs, including the practically obligatory Slim and, now, a Fatboy. I avoid damaged handles and bent teeth. And I keep my costs down, buying either 'in the wild' or on the forums.

a My recently acquired Cavalier set. Flashy.
b The Ball end Old Type that was my grandfather's. But I just passed it on to my nephew.
c My rhodium plated New Short Comb. It is a great, easy care shaver.
My criteria: Shaving comfort and shaving effectiveness. Good mechanical condition and appearance.

My favorites: Gillette NEW, 1946-47 Aristocrat, Slim adjustable, and Super Speed Red Tip
Will this razor be appropriate for my shaving requirements and is it in good condition.

My only vintage Gillette is a 60’s Super Speed that I have used almost daily since acquired. It’s smooth, nimble and super cool. EDFBFD4E-243B-4D8D-9A63-F6C5D5DA4658.jpeg

Owen Bawn

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I've got a New Improved, Old and New types, pre and post war Techs from the US, UK, & Canada, many different Super Speeds and variants on the TTO razor, a Slim & a Black Beauty, etc...

I used to use them in a rotation, changing razors every 5-10 shaves when I'd change blades. But sometime in 2015 when I took the blade out of the 70s Super Speed I had used that week I decided to just pop another blade into that razor. Nearly 6 years later and I still haven't changed razors.
I have Fat Boy, Slim, 40s SS, flare Tip SS, Black handle SS, Flat Bottom Tech, Pre-war Tech, Post-war Tech, New LC, Pre-Krona and all are in great to perfect condition...

But honestly my Red Tip is my favorite vintage razor.

The sounds it makes, the knurling, the weight....near perfect razor and I smile every time I pick it up.

62717046-D252-4364-A1EA-F7FAE24A1A06.jpeg 639D9804-3BDD-460E-82A2-059E66BB7E7D.jpeg
I like a lot of them:
- rockets HD500's and coronation sets = efficient and no fuss - almost like an aristocrat but not quite as solid and refined perhaps... You could use these every day and be very happy.
- Parats (similar to rockets but a bit of a poor second cousin imo),
- English Aristocrats and Presidents (smooth hefty and efficient but pretty forgiving/mild - a nice shave for sure),
- red tip SS (very efficient - not as scary as they are made out to be),
- Regular SS (OK but a bit lightweight - not as nice as a rocket HD imo)
- OC news (efficient and a favourite for a long stubble but with a feather you need to have a light touch in places,
- English Techs and Techs (mild but efficient perfect when you can't be bothered being too careful - put a heavy handle on them if you like and use a nice sharp blade like a Feather). In some ways the lowly Tech is forgiving like an Aristocrat but they don't have the same heft and quality of course. Whacking a heavy handle on them improves them a bit. I probably use Techs more than Aristocrats just so I don't put much wear on my aristocrats.
- slim adjustable and fatboys (nice for a change).

They are all great - just depends on my mood, how much stubble I have, whether my face is a bit raw...... I have other ones as well Olds, travel sets etc... - they are all great. I do prefer feathers in the milder ones and whether I use a Feather or say a milder Derby/Astra in the more aggressive ones depends on my mood.
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1. Whether I think I will like the shave from it.

2. New LC. It is the DE razor that I liked the shave from the best. I gave away my slim, fatboy, and other DEs.
1. What’s your criteria when choosing a vintage Gillette razor?
Cheap price / usable. If it needs a good clean, I'm game. As long as it's functional, game on.

2. What are your most cherished vintage Gillette Razors? / Why?
I have 3 Techs. 2 of them are UK made and from the 70s. My third Tech is a gold plated Pre-War fat handle. I also have a New Long Comb, which shares the fat handle from my Tech. I like them because I didn't pay a lot of money for them, they function as they should, and they will last a long time despite being old.

It's why I'm into this hobby. I love old razors.
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